C’est Moi!

Dr. Shirley Madhère: that’s me!
I chose a career in plastic surgery after having been a ballet dancer for several years.  My medical interests as related to plastic surgery are diverse, and include skin care, wellness, and age management.  My practice is aimed at balancing and integrating these concepts with a focus on aesthetic surgery of the face, breast surgery, body contouring and general plastic and reconstructive surgery.  I believe that beauty and healing emanate from within, and that external appearance is a reflection of inner health of the mind and body.  The fusion of this concept to practice a multidisciplinary approach to aesthetics, form, and function is at the center of the development of “holistic plastic surgery.”  This unique philosophy is exemplified in how I incorporate facets of various types of complementary medicine from global influences and the healing arts to optimize patient preparation and recovery and to maximize outcomes.

C’est moi.

I am a published author; I am a prolific contributor of the written word.  I am also the founder of Jet set Beauty Rx (an on-call team of beauty and wellness specialists that will provide aesthetic minor procedures in the privacy of one’s home) and Click-lift.com (online virtual “visits” or e-consults on-demand), and the seminar series, “Les Salons: A Wellness Series devoted to The Beautiful Life.”  I practice in SoHo and the Upper East side, and reside in New York City.

I am a former ballet dancer and enjoy reading, writing, horseback riding, travel, and good food!  I appreciate the good life as various manifestations of beauty.  I believe in living life to, if not beyond, one’s fullest potential.

Let’s explore The Beautiful Life (TBL) together!


Enlighten me!

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