It seems that many of us are chasing it— success. That sometimes elusive thing… what is it exactly? Is it a state of being, a status, title, honor, code, journey, endpoint, path, mission, entity, object, possession…? If it is not well defined, how would we know when we have arrived at, achieved, or felt it?

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Can there be success in different sectors or areas in life? Or is the word universally applicable to all who have and/or get it? Is success to be tasted, felt, smelled (?sweet), seen, or touched? May all of the senses experience it?

goldfish jumping out of the water

I believe success is living a beautiful life, as defined on your own terms, freely. I also think that success involves sharing for the benefit of another or others in a community. It may be a simple or quite complex concept, but always has love as part of its foundation.

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The origin of the word is Latin from the verb “succedere,” which means “to come close after.”
What are you coming close to?
What will come after?

Is there one way to success, or do numerous paths get us there?  Is there one magic formula or are there several algorithms?  Should one:
-never give up or know when to give in?
-triumph by achieving or learn from failure?
-hang on or release?
-persist or resist?
-never let them see you sweat or show emotion?
-ask or demand?
-accept what is or aspire to more?
-fake it until you make it or be real?

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How do you define success?
Whatever it means to you (and it is personal), I hope you get there!