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It is amazing to me how information flows.  Upon completing my last post about conscious leadership, into my inbox (and thus, my conscious awareness) comes information about yet another kind of consciousness.

Have you ever heard of “Wounded Beauty Consciousness?”  I hadn’t, but the name intrigued me.  Also, I figured that, as a plastic surgeon, it sounded critical enough that I should learn about it and help to alleviate it in some healing manner!


So, here is what I learned from Ms. Georgia Jean:

“What is Wounded Beauty Consciousness?
Conflicting belief structures around the “value” and “meaning” of beauty create inner turmoil, suffering and pain.
This ultimately results in a conflicted expression of beauty in our lives, both in our physical bodies, and our material experience, as well as our inner states of being.
Wounded beauty consciousness can arise from:
– Abuse: Mental, emotional, physical, sexual.
– Heartbreak or relationship/sexual issues.
– Physical injury or illness, disease, chronic physical conditions.
– Working in an industry where beauty has a perceived financial value eg. entertainment, fashion, fitness.
– Parental/peer/educational/cultural values sets that are in conflict with each other, and our sense of self.
– Childhood shaming and dysfunction.

Wounded beauty consciousness can manifest as:
– Body dysmorphia
– Eating disorders, obsessive diet and exercise
– Obsessive perfectionism, OCD
– Plastic surgery addiction/obsession
– Feelings of unworthiness in love, or feelings of being unworthy of a quality partner
– Physical illness or injury
– Neglect of the needs of the physical body, including balance in diet, exercise and play
– Low self-esteem, self hatred and shame
– Self harming behavior
– Addictions
– Devaluing of self reflected in career choices, perceived options and limitations
– Patterns of rejection
– A life without beauty eg. drudgery, misery and matyrdom
– Conflict between our internal and external selves eg. feeling “beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside” and vice verse
– Stagnation, fear of moving forward or expressing oneself
– Not even allowing oneself to play and experiment with beauty as it feels “so out of reach” ”


Reading it caused me to pause and consider my own relationship to beauty and to the perception of mine.
It can be an uncomfortable conversation to have with yourself, but an awakening and beneficial one, nonetheless.

How do you define beauty?  Is that definition different from how you define your personal beauty?
Do you believe beauty to be innate, attainable, or both?
Do you feel and believe yourself to be beautiful?  Why?  Why not?

Honor your temple and raise your consciousness!
Stay Beautiful– inside and out!