Why bother making resolutions every year on New Year’s Eve?  Think about committing to honoring and loving yourself every day in the new year– and beyond.  Here are 14 in 2014 (Chinese year of the horse) to help you get started on the path:

1) Give gratitude daily: to help combat winter blues, find at least one thing to be grateful for daily (even temperatures above 30 degrees!);


2) Breathe deeply: we are a society of shallow breathers. Inhaling and exhaling deeply has a number of benefits by improved circulation, including mental clarity and a sense of calmness to help quell anxiety;

3) Posture: stand in your power: There is science to strongly suggest that practicing certain postures daily will help to improve confidence and a sense of power. This TED talk is simply genius:

4) Moisturise whole body: not only will this help combat dry skin and itching, but also touch will impart a sense of well-being;

5) Mind your words: change your words– change your life. Be particularly cognizant and vigilant about your choice of words that follow “I am…”


6) Get greens daily: the plethora of vitamins found in dark, leafy, green vegetables not only do the body good, but also help to maintain energy, boost the immune system, and promote good mood. (For example, folate is found in many greens and is needed to make serotonin which will affect mood. Calcium and potassium found in kale, for instance, may help prevent PMS symptoms.)


7) Eat well: you are what you eat, and you are what you do not eliminate. So, if you eat like sh*t, you may feel like sh*t;

8) Get your heart rate up/exercise cardio: it has long been well known that exercise elevates mood and increases energy. So, exercise your right to feel good as often as you’d like. For example, NASA studies show that 10 minutes exercising on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. And the former is much more fun, especially if set to music;


9) Smile/laugh: “Fake it until you become it.” As it relates to the above TED video, making yourself smile will eventually help you to feel happy;


10) Stay hydrated: drink enough water daily to help prevent feeling sluggish;

11) Practice mindfulness/be present: focus on what you can do and be today and avoid the past than no longer exists and try not to worry about a future that has not yet to come. Worry and stress create wrinkles and lead to premature aging;

12) Detox body, mind, & spirit: gracefully and graciously get rid of that (person, place, or thing) which no longer serves you;


13) Learn something new daily/feed your brain: an active brain is essential to feeling like an active participant in life and helps to improve longevity;

14) Express love of self & others daily: consider yourself 100% self-approved, rather than seeking external sources of validation. And to those who cannot appreciate your gifts, send them off with love, too.


Happy new year!
Stay well,