An interesting blog post piqued my curiosity recently.  I’m not sure how it got into my inbox, but the title caught my attention, so, I read it.  Although the post addressed “changing course” perhaps in terms of finding a new career (, I derived meaning from the entry and applied it to my life in general.  Despite that I am thrilled with my career choice, the content that resonated  with me most is as follows:

“Jonathan Winters said, ‘If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.’
Perhaps the biggest reason people don’t pursue their dreams of doing their own thing is that on some level they’re waiting for something or someone else.


What about you? Are you:
-waiting (as I was) to  be deemed “qualified” by some outside source?
-seeking “approval” from a publisher, blogger, client, or somebody else to say, “I choose you”?
-waiting for someone to give you “permission” to be the artist, expert, or the entrepreneur you already are?
-seeking validation from a retailer or gallery to officially “approve” of your creations?
-waiting for someone to “allow” you to submit your invention idea, to write your book, or deliver your talk?”

girl waiting

You may wait a long time, if not indefinitely.  The time is yours, and the time is now.  It is all about you– self-validation, self-approval, self-love.  The choice is yours.  Practice the freedom to choose yourself.

pink princess

What are you waiting for?