“Life Tip: Clarity is the result of effort, intention, action, and risk, with its associated trials and failures.  Be clear about whom you are and where you’d like to go, no matter how long it takes to figure it all out.”

This was one of my recent tweets posted a few days ago.  It was a comment regarding my current obsession, clarity—for some, both a bête noir and a sine qua non of existence.


I have often been fairly clear about what I wanted and whom I wanted to become.  Sure, there have been times in my life when my journey was confounded by indecision, wrong turns, and missed opportunities.  That may be a “normal” part of the process of evolving and becoming.  Nevertheless, with some time and intention, I have been able to re-connect, re-tether, and re-focus.


One does not know what changes life may bring and the type of transformation that results.  So, to stay grounded, here are some of the ways (that I attempt) to regain clarity:

  1. get adequate, comfortable sleep: 7-9 undisturbed hours per night (as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation);
  2. commit to regular exercise;
  3. exercise the brain; Image
  4. eat well;
  5. choose yourself: Jonathan Winters said, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”  I agree!  Avoid waiting for something or someone else to pick you (read: validate, approve, accept, legitimize, recognize, acknowledge, etc., etc.); Image
  6. meditate; Image
  7. think, believe, achieve: think about your specific goals, write them down, review them daily, and take a step (albeit small) toward that goal;
  8. visualize your goal(s) to get to know the feeling of having achieved your desire(s); Image
  9. be mindful throughout the day: observe yourself and bear witness to your own thoughts, feelings, and reactions;
  10. get help: from books, a counselor, a healer, a therapist, etc.  Invest in yourself, your present, and your future.

Is this all clear?