A short boat trip to Sag Harbor, NY, this past weekend granted me access to a number of fashionable home decor boutiques.Image

It has been a couple of summers since I spent time in Sag. In past seasons, I’ve been graced with the generosity of staying with friends in Sagaponack, Bridgehampton, Water Mill, Southampton, Wainscott, and East Hampton.


Walking along Main Street in Sag Harbor made for a lovely visit after breakfast at The American Hotel, and allowed me to discover a few new fixtures. Perusing the gorgeous finds at Monc XIII (bespoke and well-curated), JanGeorge (antique-chic), Youngblood (eclectic), and Max ID NY (minimalist sophistication) was enough to stimulate my (amateur) penchant for interior design. Max ID NY also has a beguiling collection of books that serve as both reading material and decor in and of themselves.

Another shop’s wares caught my attention with side tables fashioned of cork and a book by Ellen Lubin-Sherman, simply titled, “The Essentials of Fabulous.” Clearly, the book called my name!
After reading the first few pages, I couldn’t put it down. So much of what Ms. Lubin-Sherman addresses resonated with me that the book is on my summer 2013 reading list. I recommend it as a must-read.  We may all use some extra advice about being fabulous, no?Image

I do the author little justice in extracting some salient points below. However, it is only with the honest intention of piquing your curiosity enough to get your own copy!  According to the author, as paraphrased by me, here are just a few ways to be Fabulous:
1. Practice impeccable manners
2. Adopt sprezzatura as your mantra
3. Drop the mask and guard
4. Love yourselfImage
5. Maintain an amazing attitude
6. Remain accessible
7. Be competent
8. Have a wide bandwidth
9. Have a palpable presence
10. Confer with a board/brain trust/your peeps

Trust that, among other works-in-progress, I”ll be working on these as well!
Stay Fabulously Fabulous!