Pressure.  Turbulence.  Tumult.  Upheaval.  Transition.  Deformation.  Change. Without these, there may not be transformation.  Without transformation, there may be no growth.

stress diagram 3

Where have I been these past few months?
In it. All in. Rolling with it and trying to go with the flow and stay present and open enough to allow.

There has been a wedding, a funeral, a separation, and a union, some births, and a few departures. In essence, life did as life does. In a few short months, so much can happen even when time seems to stand still.
Moments happen, some thrilling, some stressful. And when we invite those stressing, deformative times into our lives, are we ready for the changes that will come about? If transormation is imminent, will we grow from it, and will we allow?

Elizabeth Taylor

Deformity, or deformation, is a matter of perspective.  It is neither good nor bad. It simply is.  It happens and we create it.

So, while I haven’t tapped in to post a blog recently, know that I am here, experiencing change, living as fully as I know how in this moment.  Know also that I have you in mind.

Stay well,