I can totally identify with that phenomenon referred to as “writer’s block.”  I have been giving thought to the subject and content of this month’s post for weeks.  And yet, creative as I consider myself to be, I have not come up with anything genius.

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When I think a bit more about it, though, I consider that this block is not real but imagined.  Perhaps it is not the result of some external force but rather a projection of our thoughts or apprehension about writing something “good.”  After all, I want to add value to your life.  To some extent, I seek your approval.  So, I feel compelled to write something, well– compelling!

But alas, I’m going to keep it real and let you know that writer’s block (at least mine) is self-imposed.  I believe that what opens the tap to release the creative energy is a change in perspective and simply doing what you know you do well, anyway.  No doubts.  No second-guessing.  No block.  Just write.  Edit later, if at all.  Let it flow.

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That’s all.