On Thursday evening, 11 October, I attended a private event at the Hermes store on Madison Avenue in New York City.  What attracted me to attend was not only that I am a collector of the bespoke yet edgy Hermes cuffs and was hoping to add another to my collection, but rather, an art exhibit.

Martina Hoogland Ivanow displayed works of photography from her collection Far Too Close.  The Swedish-born artist studied photography in Paris and New York and has a client list that includes numerous magazines as well as fashion houses.

While sipping champagne at the gallery at Hermes, I was delighted to meet some of Ms. Ivanow’s countrymen and dear friends: Peter Siepen, Simon S., Nils S., and Martin S.  After discussing which of her works we would like to take home, the gentlemen gave me a pleasant lesson in Swedish humor.

Meeting new people, art, luxury, laughter, and bubbles.  Those are part of The Beautiful Life and thus, make the B List!

Live large!