The opportunity to add more dimension to something so complex as beauty is a welcomed challenge that I embrace with joy.  As the creator of Beauty 4 Empowerment, I have the distinct honor, along with a talented team of professionals, of partnering with those in the beauty industry to spearhead programs that will empower disadvantaged people across the globe.

Beauty 4 Empowerment or B4E was officially and publicly launched nearly two weeks ago at the second annual First Ladies and Fashion 4 Development (F4D) Luncheon at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.  The announcement was made before 400 First Ladies, UN guests, and fashion and beauty glitterati and was enthusiastically received.  F4D is a global awareness campaign that unites diplomacy, media, business and the creative industries for the purpose of achieving three of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG’s).  Beauty 4 Empowerment is the co-founding platform with F4D or its sister initiative.  B4E was initiated to include the formidable presence of the beauty industry in the universal conversation around development, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.  Giving back, of one’s time, energy, and resources, is not only the new luxury, it is also a thing of beauty.

The mission of B4E is in alignment with those of F4D, and is therefore, to galvanize the beauty industry to implement creative strategies for sustainable economic growth and independence for impoverished or disadvantaged citizens of the world.  The shared core principles that underlie its mission are to Educate, Empower, Enhance, and Enrich – the lives of all those involved in its cooperative effort.

B4E’s vision includes the creation of holistic opportunities for self-sustainment in those countries or societies that may benefit from alternative paths to economic and social independence.  Through innovation, industry, and creativity related to the “manufacturing of beauty,” B4E aspires to engage partnerships to further stimulate social entrepreneurship.

This is a new and exciting endeavor in which I plan to dedicate my time, passion, and energy.  Stay tuned; there is so much more beauty to come!