A few weeks ago, I was asked by fashion designer Gurjot, to appear in one of her fashion shows.  She asked me at the recommendation of Janet Hanson, Founder of the legendary 85 Broads.  The event took place at the bespoke Core Club in New York City and was attended by professional women across various industries.  Since I am not a career model (I toyed with it when I was a child), the usual fear-mongering thoughts came up.  “I’m not tall enough.”  “I am not a real model.”  “I don’t know how to walk a runway.”  “Will I fit the clothes well?”  Blah, blah, blah.  So uninteresting.  I decided to lay those negative thoughts to rest and explore unfamiliar territory.  It is amazing how much fun one may have if one simply opens the heart and the mind to possibilities.


See what I mean by clicking on this link: http://www.theworkingwardrobe.com/events_/gurjot-new-york-and-85-broads-fashion-show/