I was asked to tape a segment for the Dr. Oz Show yesterday on facelifts and how to “cheat your age” with DIY techniques.  While I won’t divulge any secrets here (you’ll have to wait and watch when the episode airs!), I will share something along the lines of how to beautify your hair at home.

From my perspective, it all has to come together beautifully.  Hair, face, teeth, smile, neck, hands, body, feet, etc.  inside and out.  

And a resounding yes!– that includes brains, spirit, psyche, and personality!  So, while waiting in the green room to go on air, one of the guests on another episode mentioned an ingredient that has long been a part of my “Prescriptions for Healthful Beauty.”  If you have ever seen me in consultation or had an e-consult through Click-lift.com, you already know that my holistic approach involves a thorough assessment pertaining to the pillars of wellness.  Many questions are asked and much time is given to respond.  The product is a consultation that empowers you by teaching you how to leverage beauty to make a lifelong holistic lifestyle change that impacts many aspects of your well-being and well-living.  So that what is discussed is remembered and applied immediately, my recommendations are summarized in a written Prescription for Healthful Beauty (PHB).

Many of the recommendations I make in a PHB during consultation address skin and hair care, exercise, dietary modifications to optimize results after body contouring surgery (liposuction, tummy tucks, etc.), and spiritual healing, among other methods for holistic beauty and wellness.  One such recommendation is a recipe for hair health.  Getting back to one of the guests on The Dr. Oz Show: Eva Scrivo mentioned amla oil.  That triggered my memory regarding one of my favorite recipes for healthy hair, which I share with you below.  Beautiful hair helps to complete the picture of wellness.  Luxurious tresses, no matter how long or short, signal vibrance, radiance, and health.  So, as you care for your skin, so should you care for the skin of your scalp!  Follow instructions below or get more beauty advice daily at DailyGlow.com, be well, and

Stay Fabulous!
“Dr. Shirley”

Perfect 10 Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair Deep Conditioning Treatment:
1 oz grapeseed oil
1 oz extra virgin olive oil
1 oz coconut oil
Add 10 drops each essential oil:
sea buckthorn
tea tree
Apply throughout scalp using bottle with applicator tip.  Massage into scalp then apply heat cap or wrap head in warm, moist towel for 20-30 minutes minutes.  Shampoo and style as usual.  May leave on overnight for extra conditioning.  Perform once per week.