I consider myself generous. In addition to giving of my time and coin, it brings me great pleasure to share my knowledge. So, I’ve created a set of “tips” that I have been posting on Facebook (Dr. Shirley Madhere), Twitter (give good face– no spaces), and a few other social media outlets. I categorize them according to subject (fitness, holistic beauty, plastic surgery, literature, life, etc.) and post as often as I learn new newsworthy information or when one of my ideas or thoughts is corroborated! I often include a link to a scientific study, photo, online magazine article, etc.
So, here is today’s “Life Tip,” right on time for Thanksgiving:

“Life Tip: Forget the apple. A daily dose of gratitude is great for your health: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2011/11/22/science/a-serving-of-gratitude-brings-healthy-dividends.xml.”

Stay Fabulous, and live life– beautifully!