The reality is that there can be no beauty without duality.  Would we truly appreciate beauty without having known its opposite?  Could we have a fundamental, deeply relevant understanding of ourselves if we, at some point, had not gained insight into whom we were not?  How are we to feel joy if we have no experience of pain?  And of love– would we crave it so much had we not felt the fear of its loss?

Knowing that we may not experience the pleasure of life without some of its less tantalizing moments, this post pays homage to my craft, plastic surgery!  Elective cosmetic procedures are on the rise, for both men and women.  “No one is immune,” to quote one of my dear friends.  Particularly in an economy where gainful employment is challenging to obtain and there are global events that cause us angst, a number of people are succumbing to the needle or undergoing the knife in an attempt to put their best face forward, whether for love, self improvement, or a j-o-b.

“Plastic” surgery is derived from the Greek word, “plasticos,” which means to shape or mold.  While cosmetic plastic surgery is an experience of transformation, the former self is never truly changed; it is always there, perhaps simply disguised in a veil of artistic tissue rearrangement and/or clever component manipulations.  The before-and-after photos are, in fact, plausibly interesting cases of duality!  If a woman undergoes a facelift, her visage appears different from her previous look.  But is she truly changed?  If a man has a an implant placed for a stronger jawline, does this make him a changed man?  Does plastic surgery really change a person, integrally, from where it matters?  Is the seat of a woman’s feminity to be found at her breasts?  Is a man’s worth identifiable by the contour of his abdomen?  Clearly appearance matters; this is an unequivocal truth.  But, what of our appearance speaks to the duality of our nature?

Does undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery betray your true self in some way?  Or do aesthetic physical improvements help bring forth our truest selves in full expression of our unapologetic glory?

Yin and yang, two energies in continuous motion, are symbolic of duality.  The before and after photos in plastic surgery– two energies?

I have my thoughts on the subject, evidently!  What are yours?