I am often asked what my days are like.  To answer that question, below what follows is a brief synopsis of what a typical day may look like in my world, the world of The Beautiful Life.

Thursday, 15 September 2011:

7:30 am: rise and shine!  I instituted “summer hours” at the office.  So, my days in July and August began after 10:00 am!  This is now so over!

7:35 am: ok.  It takes me a minue or two to acknowledge a brand new day.  I place two feet firmly on my zebra print carpet (I know– so retro!), close my eyes, and visualize a fabulous day.  I open my eyes, finally stand up, and give gratitude for another opportunity to make a difference.

7:38 am: I check myself in the mirror.  Aging gracefully.  Nice.  I give thanks for that, too!

7:40 am: What to wear?  Fashion flash: structured purple dress a la McQueen (he was an artiste!); open toe black booties, signature cuffs and arm baubles bilaterally (i.e., on both arms).  Healthy skin and hair– always the best accessories, no matter what the frock!

7:45 am: strip down.  Dry brush from clavicles to toes.  It keeps the skin soft.

7:47 am: shower.  I alternate warm with cool three times to stimulate the lymphatic circulation and boost my immune system.  Time in: 10 minutes max, to concerve water and energy.

8:05 am: lube from head to toe.  For face: multivitamin serum + moisturizer+ sunscreen.  For body: lotion or cream moisturizer (I grew up on Nivea) + shimmering  sunscreen (check out the one by Hawaiin Tropic), SPF 40 (the FDA just released new standards for decoding SPF).  A few light spritzes of parfum (today, it’s Odin #4) then dress, accessorize, and out the door.

8:40 am: the morning commute in NYC– a love/hate relationship.  A chai latte and Mozart on my iPhone help tremendously!

9:00 am: greet office staff, review charts– ready to go!

9:05 am-1:30 pm: see patients.  Helping to make the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time.

1:45 -2:30 pm: wow, I get to have lunch today!  Willl it be sushi (from Blue Ribbon sushi or Nagomi), Thai (from Peep), Italian (from downtown Cipriani), Jamaican (from Miss Lily’s) or Vietnamese (from Mekong)?  Maybe I’ll strap on the pedometer and get prepared food from Dean & Deluca… .  Ok, the yellowtail scallion sushi is calling me at Blue Ribbon Sushi!

2:35-6:30 pm: perfecting my craft.  I’m helping to make the world a more beautiful place– one person at a time through my philosophy of “holistic plastic surgery” where it is about the person before the procedure.  Thank you.

6:35-7:15: exhale.  Deeply.

7:30-11:30 pm: trying to lead a full but balanced life by partaking in various social and/or cultural events.  But first, on to yoga for 90 minutes.  Then the meeting, dinner party, medical seminar, charity event, store opening, etc. — whatever is cute and clever!

12:00 am: shed the attire, the baubles, and the energy.  Cleanse, brush, floss, and catch up on some reading.

12:30 am: released the day with grace and gratitude.  Time to refresh, renew, and reset to prep for tomorrow to repeat.

How was your day?