This post is about chemistry.  I do not mean the male-to-female type (although I write this with love!).  Rather, I mean the academic kind of chemistry (since I am a bit of a nerd and will honor that part of me at any opportunity!).  Add a sprinkle of physics, and, volia!  I give you the first post on my blog.  I am going to write briefly about how to transform energy.  Is it magic?  Not at all.  Is it magical, however?  It absolutely can be!

Have you ever felt a.a.w.f.u.l.?  It is a syndrome of symptoms that refers to feeling anxious/angst, apathetic, worried, fearful, unloved, and having a sense of lack. Sounds tragic, doesn’t it?  It may be caused by a number of external factors, but is typically the end result of misaligned internal processes.  Although the syndrome itself does not actually exist in the medical literature (yes, I totally made it up!), I believe that this constellation of symptoms is more common than we know, particularly with what is happening in the country and in the world these days.  I experienced such a moment myself recently.  Despite all of the goodness in my life, I was not feeling well.  With a variety of external sources influencing my state of happiness, I easily succumbed to feeling a.a.w.f.u.l.  Then, like a Seeker blessed with an epiphany, I realized that I had a choice.  I also realized that those issues that led me to feel unwell were, in fact, external and unrelated to me.  They were not of me or even about me.  Thus, I could choose to dis-allow myself to feel those uncomfortable (and limiting) feelings.  In addition to having the freedom (a key operative word, folks!) to choose my feelings, I also had the luxury of taking action to change my circumstances by adjusting my response to (notice I did not say “reaction”) what I was experiencing.  After this mini-enlightenment, it all just flowed from there!

Open doors represent endless possibilities outside the Taj Mahal in India.

It is well known by those in the scientific community that matter cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form into another.  So be it.  Consider your thoughts to be “matter,” as they emanate from your brain which is an incredible organ of which we have yet to uncover all of its power.  You can change the energy (or matter) of negative thoughts into positive energy by thinking differently about your stressor and adjusting your perspective.  This is not to deny that perhaps something troubling has happened.  Nor is it to naively recommend that we just skip along in benighted bliss and ignore reality.  What I suggest is that if the a.a.w.f.u.l. syndrome starts to get a hold of you, take a deep breath, think honestly about what truly is (rather than what may or may not be), and choose to behave in ways that honor you and support your highest potential.  The benefits of doing so will not only result in feeling better almost immediately, but also will help to prevent some of the unhealthy consequences of holding onto stress (as weight gain, heart disease, acne, and premature aging!).  In my particular short-lived case, I converted the negative energy I was experiencing and channeled it into a creative endeavor– this blog.

So, out of so-called darkness, there came light, and the idea for this blog was conceived.  The underlying concept of this blog is living a holistically beautiful life. The definition of “holistic” is based on the pillars of wellness explained at  Thus, I will post about a plethora of topics as lifestyle, art, fashion, beauty, health, literature, etiquette, luxury, philanthropy, interior design, and more!  It all resonates with me; I hope that you find the content positively engaging!  As the spiritual gurus and metaphysicians advise, “conceive, believe, receive.”  Although I transformed some negative feelings into a beneficial creative outlet, I may add that positive thinking is simply not enough. We must act to bring about what we desire, acknowledging that we have control over only ourselves and our contribution to any situation.  The new mantra may then be “conceive, believe, achieve, receive.”  It’s not a bad way to live.

Do you have a life chemistry experiment to tell me about?

Stay Beautiful– inside and out, and please do enjoy my blog!