Driven by Distraction

There’s a Quote-a-Day calendar on my desk that helps me to keep the date accurately.  Each day when I walk into my office, I flip the page to mark another 24 hours in my life.      In addition to keeping me organized, from time to time, a quote inspires me to speculate beyond my walls.


The other day, this anonymous quote resonated with me:

“It’s not the journey of a thousand miles that is so daunting– it’s the pebble in your shoe that is driving you to distraction.”

Aaaah, how true.  I love a good, thought-provoking, spirit-awakening quote!
So many miles; so little time.  So long a road; so many obstacles.

pondering Paris
Yes, we are all on a journey, whether we understand it or not.  We all have purpose, whether we acknowledge it or not.  We are all on a path to fulfillment, whether we accept it or not.  While some roads may be long and others short; some courses circuitous, others direct; one journey seemingly endless, another with an end in sight; some treks arduous, others facile– none of these is so important as staying on.

I'm gone

What do you envision for yourself?  How would you express the best version of yourself?  What is the manifestation of your highest state of fulfillment?  Are you living fully and freely according to your most honorable guiding principles?  To whom are you accountable for your code of honor, ethics, being-ness (that may not be a real word), and love?  What’s your journey?  Whom is on it with you, or you alone?  Are there rocks in your shoe?  Are your feet aching, or is it your soul that’s on fire?

soul on fire

Yes, it often is not about the destination, but about the journey.  Yes, it may not be about that journey, but rather about whom you meet along the way.  However you decide to see, feel, touch, smell, taste, perceive, and live your way through it– you do decide.  When you choose to define your journey, believe that everything happens in divine precision for you.  Know also that no matter how long your journey, say yes, stay the course, and walk/jog/run in gratitude, stopping occasionally to smell the flowers, adjust your perspective, and shake the pebble out of your shoe.

pebble stop

Onward and upward!
Live well– you owe it to yourself.
Live your life– the world needs your best self.